Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland | Lewis Carroll | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To This Audiobook?

I know that some people who are really into books don’t like to re-read – not a ton of people, but I think there are some out there who want to experience as many books as possible before they are unable to experience them anymore, morbid I know. Sometimes I am one of those people, I just don’t allow myself a re-read. UNLESS. Unless, the book is on audio, and then all bets are off. When I was clicking through my Audible library looking for something to listen to,Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll narrated by Jim Dale caught my eye because it’s kind of short and because Jim Dale is the greatest of all time. Also, who doesn’t like a bit of whimsy in their ears?

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll | Good Books And Good Wine

What’s The Story Here?

Alice is a little girl, and as you know, children get bored easily. So anyways, one day Alice is sitting on the riverbank next to her sister, bored out of her skull because she’s got nothing to do. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN a White Rabbit runs past her, wearing clothes and talking. Naturally she follows the rabbit down the hole and into Wonderland. She then encounters all sorts of wondrous characters and has these wild adventures which include drinking strange liquids, weird tea parties, psycho queens, turtles, cats and more. Eventually, Alice is put on trial as a witness and pisses the Queen off, earning an OFF WITH HER HEAD, because the Queen is awesome. And you guys, that’s what happens inAlice’s Adventures In Wonderland in a nutshell.

How Is The Writing?

I am not sure why I thought this book would feel more like taking drugs, but it wasn’t as trippy as I hoped. I don’t even think I remember it being all that trippy. Anyways, this book is whimsical and weird and full of imagination. It’s like Lewis Carroll was all, hey what are two odd things I can throw together and then he went all Tim Gunn and was like MAKE IT WORK. And indeed, it works. I had a blast using my imagination while listening to the story. Also, the Queen. I want to be her when I grow up, so I think I may practice with Tony when he pisses me off I will just shout OFF WITH YOUR HEAD at him, mainly for his reaction.

How Is The Narration?

Duh. It’s Jim Dale. The narration was flawless, BB. He’s got interesting voices and great pitch and cadence. He is someone who knows how to read a book is what I am saying. The audio quality was also wonderful, no weird static or pauses. It’s produced by Listening Library which is synonmous with quality you guys. This audio is short too — it’s 2 hours and 57 minutes long and again, FLAWLESS. If you have to listen to one audiobook, I recommend this version of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll read by Jim Dale.

Sum It Up With A GIF:

it would be so nice if something made sense for a change


Disclosure: Obtained For Free During That Audible Whispersync Promotion

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  1. Ha, I love rereading. A lot of people are proponents of audio rereads I’ve noticed. I might try that for ones that I didn’t love love love in print or that have awesome narrators, like Wil Wheaton doing that one book I’m currently blanking on the title of. READY PLAYER ONE.

    Anyway, I ready this one, but not Through the Looking Glass, so maybe I’ll audio this one in preperation for that one? The books are not my favorite. Also, I need to try Jim Dale and I don’t think I want to do HP on audio.
    Christina (A Reader of Fictions) recently posted..Review: CopperheadMy Profile

  2. While I wouldn’t say I re-read books all that often (I reserve that right for a favourite few), however, I AM a fan of re-experiencing books via audio. Because let’s face it, any fan of audiobooks knows that listening to a book versus reading it on the page is totally different. There’s just a whole new level of understanding brought to something when you listen to someone else narrating it. I’ve actually been on a kick where I’ve been listening to the classics via audio, so I’ll definitely pick this one up!
    Nikki @ Foil the Plot recently posted..Retro Review: Lights Out by R.L. StineMy Profile


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