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I am one of those people who totally worshipped at the house of Cosmo and would read those magazines religiously. As I don’t have the time to read magazines any more, I totally miss out on those awesome short stories they usually publish in Cosmo. UNTIL NOW. You guys, the other day I was browsing Netgalley and besides the cornicopia of Christmas romance, a bunch of sexy looking novellas got uploaded. These novellas were part of a new imprint at Harlequin called Red Hot Reads. So, of course I requested a few and devoured the first one,Cake by Lauren Dane in one sitting. If novellas likeCake are what I can expect from this imprint color me PUMPED.

Cake by Lauren Dane | Good Books And Good Wine

Wren is a young art student who moonlights as a delivery person working for her cousin, Kelsey. She always makes deliveries to genius artist Gregori Ivanov at the end of her shift, as he usually invites her for tea, desserts and conversation. There’s definitely a flirtation there between the two. Wren is ready to take the flirtation to the next level, whereas Gregori finds himself immensely attracted, but is trying his damndest to resist Wren as he does not want to wreck their friendship. She’s the one person who does not want to use Gregori for his connections or his money. Fortunately for Wren, things are about to heat up real quick.

Okay, you guys here is the thing about Lauren Dane’sCake, I could not for the life of me take the love interest, Gregori seriously. I am really into clean cut and the boy next door and atheletic and all that. Gregori is kind of the opposite. He’s described as having a mohawk with scarlet red tips, and a scarlet red beard. At one point his mohawk is down and in a ponytail and I am like, ew. I am sorry, I just kept picturing someone trashy like one of those local walmart shoplifters. So for me, whenever Gregori was described I would try to picture him as punk rock Ryan Gosling, but with a faux hawk because mohawks are ugly — at least to me! That’s my taste, sorry! Anyways, I did think that Gregori and Wren had some fierce chemistry. I loved how Wren was so assertive and not afraid to take what she wants from Gregori. I know sometimes the girl is willing to put up with all kinds of bullshit, but not Wren. So kudos book. Then again, I would totally expect a Cosmo heroine to be fiesty and to know what she wants in the bedroom.

As for the writing,Cake was a total pleasure to read. I thought Dane did the bedroom scenes very, very well AND tastefully too. I mean, it’s not at all fade to black, but still classy. I am not sure that will make sense to anyone but me. Alas. I really enjoyedCake, and will definitely be reading more of Lauren Dane’s work — just I couldn’t get fully into Gregori because of my mental picture. I would definitely recommend this if you are into the whole punk rocker/artist thing.

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  1. While I do have a certain weakness for a tattooed bad boy or tortured artist figure, if I’m being entirely honest, from the sound of things I wouldn’t be able to find Gregori remotely attractive either (Physically-speaking, anyway) That said, I’m so glad to hear that Lauren Dane crafted an assertive, confident heroine, and that appearances aside, Gregori and Wren had palpable chemistry, which is really the most important part of any romance. I hadn’t heard of it prior to your review, but Cake will definitely be a novella I’ll keep my eye out for upon its release now!

  2. I am all about bad boys – but the mohawk look wouldn’t do it for me either. Tattoos – absolutely! Long hair, hell yeah! But a howak and red tips… no thank you. LOL But I do like you did when I’m not attracted to the hero – I make him look they way I want him 🙂 Now I’m headed over to NetGalley to see if I can pick up some of those Cosmo reads!

  3. Oh no, not a mohawk! I’m with you – I’d have to imagine him for myself because the guy the author describes does not sound attractive at all.

  4. This doesn’t seem like it will be a book for me (Mohawk? Not a turn on.), but I do appreciate that Dane is branching out from the contemporary norms! I’m sure someone somewhere will be thrilled at this. Just not me. 🙂

  5. I requested all of the Red-Hot Reads so glad to hear this one was good. I look forward to your other reviews of this series.

  6. This sounds like a fun, sexy read to me! I’m always down for books with good chemistry between the two main characters. But that male MC? Sounds a little bit strange to me.

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