Quoted And Noted: ‘I Would Have Waited For Him Forever’

This Monday is not nearly as bad as most other Mondays. Y’all, I can get behind a Monday where I don’t have to go to work and where I get to sleep in and then read all day only to be fed by someone else’s delicious cooking at a BBQ later. If only every Monday was Labor Day. Alas, it is not.

For this week’s Quoted And Noted, I wanted to use a quote from one of my favorite 2012 debuts Shadow And Bone by Leigh Bardugo.

I Would Have Waited Forever Shadow And Bone Leigh Bardugo


What do you all think? Doesn’t that just make you sigh with a little bit of a swoon? It makes me desperately want book two, Siege And Storm, that is for sure. 2013, you are TOO far away.

Do you guys ship Alina/Mal as hard as I do? Or are you team THE DARKLING?!

You can check out my review of Shadow And Bone here if you are curious about the book after seeing the quote.

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  1. I actually was Team Darkling for a lot of the book-he’s so enticing! Until that scene…then I returned to Mal who I had liked in the beginning but had given up on since he didn’t seem to like Alina in return. His speech to her…I die!

  2. How can anyone be Team Darkling? He’s the Darkling! I just I’m just to “safe.” Mal all the way…and I just read a review where the blogger said Mal reminded her of Nathan Fillion from Firefly, and now there’s no other option for me…

  3. SO beautiful. I love that quote! Makes me want to read Shadow & Bone NOW

  4. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Shadow & Bone, but this is such a lovely quote!

  5. That is a very swoony line!

  6. Haven’t read that yet. 🙁 But it’s on my list! And I love the quote! Awesome! 😀

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