Fill Your Kindle: Or WOW IT’S ALREADY MAY!

Y’all, I cannot believe it’s May which means one month until BEA, but even BETTER? NEW KINDLE DEALS! Whoo-hoo. Seriously, it’s a good thing these are digital files and not actual physical books because I would likely be unable to lift my kindle with all the books on it.

kindle deals


For $0.57:

For $0.99:

For $1.99:

For $2.99:


Find out more about the Epic Reads: Epic Deals by clicking the picture below:

Epic Reads: Epic Deals

Epic Reads: Epic Deals

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  2. Thanks for posting this! I bought Ship of Souls (using your link, even!). I’ve heard only good things about it, and $1.99… can’t beat the price.

    Also: BEA. I hope I will see you (and recognize everyone from the blogosphere, for that matter)! Yay.

  3. I DON’T HAVE A KINDLE!!! Why is life SO UNFAIR!??!?!?!?!

  4. I love when blogs do Kindle bargain posts, I can never find the good deals so it’s handy when someone else finds them for me! A few aren’t available for Aussies (boo) but I do want Epic Fail!

  5. STARCROSSED!!! I’ve been wanting to read this one forever, but my library doesn’t have it. Buying it right now!

  6. Woohoo I grabbed Starcrossed. The others that I’m interested in I already have so I can’t help you there April! Sorry! But yay for affiliate-helping!

    (Stupid NC doesn’t participate in the Amazon Affiliate program. *kicks things*)

  7. I’m here to buy the Maureen Johnson book. I have been wanting to try her stuff. I almost bought it there at the signing we were at, but I put it back cause my bill was already pretty hefty! I’m snatching that bitch up now!

    Love these posts you do! especially now that i’m a kindle whore. I can’t get enough of reading on it. lol. 🙂

  8. I have no willpower. I haven’t even read the last, god, it must be 10 Kindle purchases I’ve made?! But I could only hold out for 4 days before grabbing Epic Fail. And The Twin’s Daughter. And I’m really eyeing up The Latte Rebellion and Cate of the Lost Colony. At least if I’m ever stuck on a desert island with only my Kindle, I have a backlog of books to last me for years before I’m rescued.

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