Rafflecopter Gets Results: OR A Brief Analysis Of My Experience With Rafflecopter

Y’all. I am the biggest hypocrite, but hey at least I can admit. I rail constantly about extra entries and how they are a pain in everyone’s ass – both on the entrant end and the host. However, after using Rafflecopter I may be pro-extra entries. I know, I know STOP THE MOTHERLOVIN PRESSES.


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1. Using Rafflecopter doesn’t mean you have to make people do extra entries.

You can mark extra entries as mandatory or optional depending on your whims. For the purposes of my giveaway, I only made leaving a comment on the entry post as mandatory, like pretty much all my other contests.Plus if people really are dying to do extra entries or already do things that qualify as extra (like following me on Twitter, hey 3000 people can’t be wrong LMAO), they can at no pain on my end.

2. The contest host doesn’t need to tabulate extra entries.

Yo, those extra entries and counting them and being accurate is the world’s biggest pain in the ass. Rafflecopter does the math for you, and this book blogger is totally grateful of that.

3. My stats increased during the contest I held using Rafflecopter in measurable ways.

I went to over 3,000 twitter followers. HOLLA GIRL. My facebook page for Good Books & Good Wine increased to over 150 fans, prior to the contest, I had around 50 facebook fans, so for me the 100 people increase felt like very positive results. My hits increased according to google analytics by 6.72%, and that is unique visits. My page views increased by 8.08%. To get that number, I basically compared the two weeks previous to the contest and the two weeks in which the contest was held.

And while I know those numbers aren’t huge, they are numbers and I think they show impact of Rafflecopter on my blog.


Rafflecopter is totally worth using for multiple book giveaways. However, I won’t be using it for single books, as it’s too much of a hassle compared to just having people leave me a comment.

So, if you’ve used Rafflecopter what has your experience been? If you haven’t are you willing to try it?

About April (Books&Wine)

April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. I love Rafflecopter and I agree it is incredibly easy to get results. My mandatory thing is normally, leave a comment. After that I bling out the extra entries as if you want to!

  2. Sweeeet. I think I may try it next time! Bookmarking this post for shizzle.

  3. I am really liking Rafflecopter. I’m still having a few bugs with it, but for the most part it, it makes holding contests so much easier.

  4. I just started using rafflecopter in the past couple weeks and I’m happy with it so far. I agree that it’s not really necessary when you have only item to giveaway and the only requirement is to leave a comment. Still, it’s handy and fairly easy. I will keep using it.

  5. Jac @ for love and books says

    I hated extra entries before rafflecopter but after one giveaway? I am sold!

  6. I’ve been iffy with Rafflecopter since at the times when the internet connection at my dorm is super slow (and its been numerous this school year unfortunately), Rafflecopter really slows down the load time. But I’ll definitely think about using it when I host another giveaway. I like the sound that it makes extra entries hassle free!

  7. We just started using rafflecopter about a month ago, and then changing to wordpress at the same time, cuckoo, dont recommend doing it this way.
    Any way, I LOVE raffle copter/ as it makes my job so much easier and I hadn’t entered many contests due to time but now if it is something I like and is rafflecopter, I am on it!
    I really like rafflecopter! Once the Beta is done, I wonder if they are going to charge us though, after we are used to it and cant work without it, LOL! Time will tell.

  8. I also gave Rafflecopter a shot and stayed with it. I also don’t like people to “work” for their entries. Just give me your email and everything else is optional.

    By the way, did you join the Facebook Book Giveaway Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BookGiveaways/


  9. I am loving Rafflecopter! I haven’t even done any extra entries with it yet. I’m just excited that it picks a winner for you and give their email address all in one place. lol

  10. I haven’t used it for a giveaway yet (waiting on an invite), but personally I like entering giveaway with it! I think it’s so user-friendly and easy!

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