A Brief Glimpse At My Rockin’ Home Library

So, some people asked me to take pictures of my hot bod. JK JK. They want pictures of my fabulous library and of course, I love to show off so I cleaned up minimally and snapped some pics. Click to embiggen, I suppose.

Desk Shelves, Books And Wine

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The Desk Shelves

My Reading area

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My Reading Area


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Other Angle Of Reading Area

Next to the reading chair

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Shelves Next To Reading Chair

Bedroom Shelves

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One of the bedroom shelves

White book shelf

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White Book Shelf In Bedroom

Work Out Room Corner Shelf

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Work Out Room Corner Book Shelf

Work Out Room Book Shelves

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Work Out Room Wall Shelves

Fill In The Gaps Book Shelf

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Fill In The Gaps Challenge shelf, with other books and some signed books as well

*Missing: My white favorites bookcase – a shelf broke on it, so no dice, also my night stand and boyfriend’s shelf as well as our text book wall next to the staircase.

So, that’s my massive library. Pretty impressive for a 24 year old no?

About April (Books&Wine)

April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. These look awesome. You have so many shelves! It’s like every room in your place has a bookshelf. Would love to have that kind of house. Here in the Philippines, our shelves need to have glass panels because otherwise, the humidity will cause the books to age faster, turning the pages yellow.

  2. HOLY WOW!! I’ve got library envy!! Big time.

    (I have one dinky shelf… Since before blogging I had gone mostly digital and given up my book space to my daughter’s room! But I’m building it back up.)

  3. Sooo I totally just showed this to Will and said, “Look. There are people out there with more books than me.” Thank you providing me with perhaps a case for me keeping more of my books! 🙂

    DAMN GIRL. You have an insane amount of books.

  4. I have one word to sum up my feelings on this post:


  5. WHOA!

    That’s a lotta books! Spied some great stuff in there, though. That’s an impressive collection!

  6. SO many books!! I don’t think I’d ever leave my house if I had a library like that 🙂
    Oh, and like Jamie, I’m gonna tell my boyfriend there are in fact people how own more books than me! 😀 BEST excuse ever to buy some more.

  7. Whoa! And I thought I had a ton of books! Awesome – love it!

  8. Holy crap! I wanna come over!

  9. That’s a good size library! I love all the various shelves put together. My library is the same way and I love it so much more than uniform shelves in the wall.

  10. Holy mother lovin’ books! I thought I had a lot of books. I think it’s time to add some (very small) bookshelves to my bedroom.

  11. This is quite impressive. That’s a LOT of books. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I always love seeing other people’s shelves.

  12. Holy expletives, Batman. O_O

  13. I LOVE to see other peoples’ book collections and how they organise things and what they do with pesky unusually shaped books. I would personally love to see your textbook book case – mine is lavendar and wee and next to my desk.

    *spends an hour pouring over all the pictures*

  14. This is very, very impressive. Thanks for sharing. My textbooks are all novels (yay) apart from the mega expensive Norton Anthologies that seems to change editions every freaking year. -_- Anyway, I love your bookshelves. I’ll remain jealous.

  15. HOLY CRAP APRIL, that is amazing! It so good that it actually puts me in a place beyond jealousy, where it makes me want to give my books over to you, because you’re a better book owner than I am, ha.

  16. I think you will need to have a separate house just for all your books. Impressive. 😀

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