Filling The Silence: My Audiobook Year 2010-2011

Ya’ll this has been the year of the audiobook for me. I’ve dabbled before, but this year I have turned into a full on convert. I bit the bullet and got audible on my iPhone which has been the perfect venue for listening to audiobooks.

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You know, I’m actually at the point where I feel guilty if I listen to music while driving instead of audiobooks. I never thought I would be a fan of audio. I always thought of it as cheating, however, now I realize it is a wonderful new medium in which to experience stories.

I credit Harry Potter with really hooking me on audio. Ya’ll Jim Dale does some amazing narraration, and brought my Harry Potter experience to a whole new level. You see, I wanted to re-read Harry Potter but didn’t exactly have time. Enter audiobooks. I’d listen while driving.

Eventually listening while driving turned into listening while doing the rare workout into listening while doing dishes.

Now I find I actually don’t mind doing chores as long as I have a good audiobook to listen to.

I also find that if it’s just me all by myself in the office, a nice audiobook helps to pass the time while I work on things like documentation or putting together my work newsletter.

My name is April and I am an audiobooks addict.

This post is based on a prompt from Jen at Devourer of Books who is hosting audiobooks week. Check it out here.

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by April (Books&Wine)

April is 26 years old. She is an educator. In her free time she can be found reading, working out, or eating junk food. She often wears her sunglasses at night.

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