Why Unicorns Are Superior To Zombies: A Guest Post by Mariah

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Mariah at A Reader’s Adventure is a super cool girl! She is an actual young adult who reads YA. I think she has fantastic taste in books and clearly has great taste in choosing a team for this epic battle. When I put out the call for unicorn fans, she answered! Without further ado:
Why Unicorns Are Superior To Zombies:

1. They are unpredictable, they may pretend to love you and then go in for the kill, or they may just go through you. Or they might even not try to kill you at all.

2. There is much more diversity in unicorn books. In some they are horrible killers, and in others they are sweet helpful creatures. Zombies are for the most part evil.

3. Rampant by Diana Peterfreund is a unicorn book and it rocks!

4. Unicorns are better looking by a long shot. I mean ripped clothing and pieces of flesh was so last year. Zombie lovers would you even ever like to see a zombie? I mean gross.

5. Unicorns can symbolize so many different things like eternal life ect. but zombies only represent death and destruction.

6. Zombies are so overdone. There are so many zombie books that it is hard to find a new idea.

7. Unicorns are just plain better.
BAMF Unicorns!
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  1. titania86 says:

    Hello. I am on Team Zombie and I have written a response to this post on my blog here: http://titania86-fishmuffins.blogspot.com/2010/06/my-take-on-unicorns-vs-zombies-debate.html

    It started out as a comment but got super long, so I thought this would be easier.

  2. Star Shadow says:

    I am sooo 100% taking Team Unicorn on this one… 100% No doubt about it… you are sooo right

    Great points!!!


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