Riff on those New Moon trailers….

This isn’t a birthday party, it’s a fucking funeral! hahahahaha

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  1. Haaaaaaaaa!

    Okay, that made my day. You win the gold star for posting this. Going to watch it again now.

  2. justanotherbookaddict says:

    HAHAHA, I am laughing my butt off! Expecially when she started singing pokemon! Wow, that was funny. You should win an award for posting that!


  3. "saga should be in quotes and a new moon does not have a crescent!!!!" Thanks that made me really happy!

  4. Nice!! Finally something that's not all gaga over New Moon. Hahaha "saga should be in quotes and a new moon does not have a crescent" NICE!

  5. I'm late, but I wanted you to know that I loved this. Thanks for sharing!

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